News Release – VR Research Project

News Release – VR Research Project

Wednesday, 24 November 2021


Three schools in South Australia will spearhead world-leading research into virtual reality (VR) technology and its place in the next generation classroom.

This ground-breaking VR research project puts in the hands of students a new way to demonstrate their learning and enables them to create educational content for other students.

The Students Create Virtual Worlds for Learning research project is led by the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) in partnership with nationally and internationally recognised expert Associate Professor Erica Southgate, University of Newcastle and VRTY, an innovative VR company specializing in educational software designed for student creativity. Teachers from Trinity College, Pembroke School and SEDA College SA are co-researchers in the project.

Students Create Virtual Worlds for Learning is the first international longitudinal study of VR in real classrooms, where teachers collect evidence about student learning over a year,” said Mrs Grantskalns.

“We are particularly interested in emerging pedagogies and how students might learn. Schools are investing in VR technology but there is limited evidence of how teachers can use this technology to accelerate student learning.”

The study will involve a Year 9 class at Pembroke School, a Year 11/12 class at SEDA College SA and a Year 7 class at Trinity College. These students’ VR products will be used in other classes at the respective school with continual feedback to the students who created the VR content.
Associate Professor Erica Southgate of the Education Faculty at the University of Newcastle, an internationally acclaimed expert in VR, is the lead researcher.

Results and findings of Students Create Virtual Worlds for Learning are expected to be published nationally and internationally in 2022 and 2023.

Chief Executive
Association of Independent Schools of South Australia

Video link for AISSA VR research project launch HD (6.09 min):

Vaccinations for Education Staff

Vaccinations for Education Staff

During the school holidays (24 September to 11 October), anyone who works at a school, preschool, or children’s centre who hasn’t yet been able to book a COVID-19 vaccination, will have walk-in access at select SA Health run vaccination clinics.

Staff who haven’t had a first dose can receive a vaccination without an appointment at the following clinics:

Staff taking up this opportunity should bring evidence of employment from the education site at which they work. Evidence can include staff identification, a letter from the school/ preschool confirming their employment, a payslip or similar.

Walk-in spots are limited, so staff are asked to please be patient. It is recommended to go as early in the day as possible.

Due to logistical issues, SA Health are unable to offer walk-in access at regional clinics. However, staff can book an appointment at any COVID-19 vaccination clinic, at a GP clinic or pharmacy. Appointments are regularly added.

The Women and Children’s Hospital and Enfield clinics have appointments available now for next week onwards.

Further information on vaccination appointments is available on the SA Health website.

Aboriginal Immersion Program East Arnhem Land: 8-14 August 2021

Aboriginal Immersion Program East Arnhem Land: 8-14 August 2021

The program is designed to provide educators with a unique experience of living on Country with the Yolngu people who live on the pristine coastland of remote East Arnhem Land.  This immersive program contributes to providing the Yolngu people with an economically sustainable way of maintaining their culture.

This program is designed to provide school leaders, boarding house supervisors, curriculum coordinators and educators in ELC and school settings with deeper intercultural understanding that they can share with their students and school communities. Schools are welcome to include a small number of secondary students. The all-inclusive cost per person is $5,150. A deposit of $750 is required by 28 May 2021 and the final payment by 28 June 2021. The booking form, itinerary and additional information are available on the AISSA website or by contacting Monica Williams (ph 8179 1417).

NAPLAN 2020 Cancelled

NAPLAN 2020 Cancelled

Education ministers met today and decided that NAPLAN will be cancelled for 2020.

This decision was made so that school leaders, teachers and support staff can focus on the wellbeing of students and prepare for the continuity of education, including working on online and remote learning options.

This decision means that the scheduled testing of NAPLAN Online platform – the Coordination Practice Test (CPT) – scheduled for Monday 23 March will not go ahead.

The ministers thank every school for their hard work in preparing for the CPT and all the preparations for NAPLAN in general.

Today’s communique from the Education Council is available on the ACARA website and can be accessed here.

Please contact the AISSA NAPLAN Team (8179 1400) regarding any queries related to this correspondence.

COVID-19: Letter from the Minister

COVID-19: Letter from the Minister

The Hon Minister John Gardner has written to parents and caregivers of SA Independent school students regarding the COVID-19 pandemic:

Parent letter – non government services – 18.03.2020

For further information on COVID-19 please visit

If you have any queries regarding the operation of a specific Independent School in relation to COVID-19 please contact the school’s Principal.