Vaccinations for Education Staff

During the school holidays (24 September to 11 October), anyone who works at a school, preschool, or children’s centre who hasn’t yet been able to book a COVID-19 vaccination, will have walk-in access at select SA Health run vaccination clinics.

Staff who haven’t had a first dose can receive a vaccination without an appointment at the following clinics:

Staff taking up this opportunity should bring evidence of employment from the education site at which they work. Evidence can include staff identification, a letter from the school/ preschool confirming their employment, a payslip or similar.

Walk-in spots are limited, so staff are asked to please be patient. It is recommended to go as early in the day as possible.

Due to logistical issues, SA Health are unable to offer walk-in access at regional clinics. However, staff can book an appointment at any COVID-19 vaccination clinic, at a GP clinic or pharmacy. Appointments are regularly added.

The Women and Children’s Hospital and Enfield clinics have appointments available now for next week onwards.

Further information on vaccination appointments is available on the SA Health website.