Webinar: Hacking the Brain to Optimise Online Learning – Cognitive Insights to Drive Digital Learning

5th May, 2020 @ 3:45 pm


05/05/2020 - 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

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This engaging session  presented by Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, expert in the field of Science of Learning and leader of the upcoming AISSA Science of Understanding Learning (SOUL) project (rescheduled to start later in the year), will explore the impact of digital technology on learning and consider how best to drive student learning in an online environment.

The primary goal of this session is to provide educators with highly practical insights gleaned from the latest research from learning scientists that teachers and students can apply immediately to maximise their online sessions.


Key insights include:

  • Why do computers make learning so difficult?
  • How does attention change in online environments, and how can we address this?
  • How can we best digitally present information to students to help them learn?
  • What can students do at home to have the best chance of learning while online?
  • How do memory and sleep relate, and what does this mean for distance learning?
  • What’s the difference between good and bad stress; how can we help students with both?


Q and A opportunities within this session will also be provided.

Having spent the last 3 months working with international schools forced to move to online education, Dr Jared Cooney Horvath will bring his findings and understanding to help support our digital transition.  This session will assist schools in the current context and explore next steps.

Jared Cooney Horvath (PhD, MEd) is a neuroscientist, educator, and author of the best-selling book Stop Talking, Start Influencing: 12 Insights from Brain Science to Make Your Message Stick.  He has conducted research and lectured at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, the University of Melbourne, and over 200 schools internationally. He currently serves as Director of LME Global: a team dedicated to bringing the latest brain and behavioural research to teachers, students, and parents alike.


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