New Thinking: New Possibilities Webinar Series, webinar 1: Why AI?

9th March, 2021 @ 4:00 pm


09/03/2021 - 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The 2021 Webinar Series leading up to the Conference aims to bring together educators from the Early Years to Year 12, researchers and industry to consider new thinking and possibilities and explore how STEM education can provide students with new opportunities and pathways for a strong and vibrant future.

AI is gamechanger for schools. ELC to Year 12 educational leaders act with integrity and respond ethically. What does this mean in an AI world? Why will expanding our awareness of AI empower students as digital citizens?

Is your school taking advantage of the AI used by staff and students? What are the risks for education of not intentionally engaging with AI?

In this session we will have focused dialogue on how AI can be authentically integrated into curriculum and has the capacity to personalize student learning and assessment. AI presents us with ethical issues that we have never faced before. The AI industry is investing heavily in programs for schools. Engaging in this session will assist you make informed decisions about how you can lead your school forward in an AI world.


Target audience: Principals, School and Curriculum Leaders, ELC Directors

Delivery mode: Zoom

Erica Southgate, University of Newcastle
Desiree Gilbert, AISSA
Aleida Mabarrack, AISSA
Monica Williams, AISSA
Libby Worrell, AISSA


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