Deep Learning and Teaching: Generating Energy and Pathways for Sustained Improvement, curated discussion and project ‘taster’

5th August, 2020 @ 4:00 pm


05/08/2020 - 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This project ‘taster’ and curated discussion presented by co-founders of 4C Transformative Learning, Professor Michael Anderson (The University of Sydney) and Dr Miranda Jefferson will provide insights into this exciting new two-year project now commencing in February 2021.  The session will be offered via Zoom.

In this session Professor Michael Anderson and Dr Miranda Jefferson will share the vision, aims and learning involved in this project, while a curated discussion with Principals currently engaged in this work, will provide an authentic overview of implementation with specific examples of successes and challenges.

Even before this present crisis there was much discussion in schools, schooling systems nationally and internationally about the need to transform. This Interactive session will explore how transformation is a deep learning process. Using the learning disposition wheel outlined in Transforming Schools and the 4C Coherence Makers we discuss how deeper learning can be achieved through an understanding of the dispositions for learning and a coherent understanding of creativity, critical reflection, collaboration and communication and how these capacities enable effective transformation. The session will provide opportunities to explore these coherence makers through authentic application to your specific school context. (Anderson and Jefferson, 2020)

This project is a collaboration between AISSA and Professor Michael Anderson, Academic Leader and Dr Miranda Jefferson, Innovative Practice Leader and co-founders of 4C Transformative Learning.

Through participation in this project Principals and their project teams will be supported by 4C Transformative Learning and AISSA Consultants in using unique evidence-driven processes and products that have the potential to transform learning and schools in response to the emerging needs of students.

The revised Project Brief with new dates for this project has been distributed to Principals.



Academic Leader

Professor Michael Anderson is an internationally recognised educational leader. He has taught, researched and published in education and transformation for over 20 years including 13 books and 55 book chapters and journal articles. His international research and practice focus on how the 4Cs can be integrated using coherent frameworks to make learning meet the needs of 21st Century learners

Innovative Practice Leader

Dr Miranda Jefferson has been involved in leading innovation in schools for over 20 years. She leads programs, initiatives and research in curriculum reform, educational change and school transformation. Miranda has taught curriculum learning and teacher professional practice in the Education Faculty at the University of Sydney and has been on the Arts Curriculum Advisory Board for ACARA.

For further information please contact Rosemary Kadow (telephone 8179 1413) and Desiree Gilbert (telephone 8179 1414).

Please register to secure your spot by cob Tuesday 4 August.  Registered participants will be given further instructions on accessing the Zoom session closer to the date.


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