AISSA Professional Learning Terms and Conditions


Registration and Attendance

Registration entails a commitment to participate in the professional learning activity as advertised. Only those people registered can participate and substitution of participants is not permitted unless otherwise indicated (see Cancellation Policy).

Participants must sign-in prior to the commencement of the professional learning activity to confirm their attendance.

Each participant must keep their own record of participation. The AISSA does not provide certificates of participation or report professional learning attendance information to the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia.



Prices advertised include GST. The AISSA will invoice participants immediately after the professional learning activity, or after the first session in a professional learning series unless indicated otherwise.


Cancellation Policy

Participants may cancel their confirmed registration by using the cancel feature within their user profile (see the website user guide for details) or by emailing

No charges apply to cancellation of registration received seven (7) or more days prior to the professional learning activity or the first session in a professional learning series.

Cancellation of registration less than seven (7) days prior to the professional learning activity or the first session in a professional learning series will result in the advertised fee being charged. For example, cancellation of registration for a professional learning activity scheduled to occur on 8 May would need to be received before close of business on 1 May to avoid the advertised fee being charged.

Where a cancellation will result in fees being charged, a substitute participant may be allowed to attend. Please contact the AISSA for details.



The AISSA will comply with its Privacy Statement in respect of all personal information which may be made available to it as a result of participation in professional learning activities.

The AISSA’s professional learning activities may be live-streamed, photographed, or video or screen-recorded by the AISSA for educational and/or promotional purposes including social media posts. By registering, a participant acknowledges that any such material is automatically made freely accessible to the AISSA and that the AISSA, in turn, may use the material for its own educational and/or promotional purposes. The participant waives any rights, claims or interest they have over the control or professional use of this material in perpetuity.

Participants are to inform the AISSA prior to the commencement of the professional learning activity if they wish to be excluded from any visual/audio streaming or recording.


Acceptable Use of ICT and Audiovisual Resources

The AISSA cannot provide ICT support to professional learning participants and cannot guarantee that outside equipment will successfully connect to the onsite audiovisual resources. The AISSA guest Wi-Fi network must not be used to access, produce or distribute content which is unlawful or inappropriate.

All ICT and audiovisual resources must be treated with respect and any failure or damage to the AISSA’s resources must be reported to AISSA management immediately.


Dietary Requirements

The AISSA will attempt to cater to dietary requirements but cannot guarantee that third party catering providers will be able to meet all requirements. Participants are welcome to contact the AISSA to discuss specific dietary requirements.


Travel to the AISSA and Parking

Nearby public transport options include bus (Unley Road, Bus Stop #1) and tram (Stop #1, Greenhill Road) stops approximately 5 minutes’ walk from the AISSA premises.

On-site parking is not available. Street parking is available nearby with various time limits – refer to the street map for further information.