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At this election, one of the most important issues is funding for school education.

Each of the parties has a different position on how schools should be funded and, indeed, on how much money should be spent on school education. It is our belief that every child is entitled to a great education and that education is the best investment a nation can make in both its medium term economic prosperity and in the wellbeing of its citizens. Increasingly, children have more diverse needs and, in order to meet those needs, more money must be provided.

South Australia is in a particularly challenging position in regard to school funding because what is known as the Gonski funding model was implemented differently in each State. In South Australia, the vast majority of the money that the Gonski funding model determined was necessary for school education was to be provided in 2018 and 2019. A decision to stop funding the Gonski model at the end of 2017 therefore has potentially very serious consequences for the quality of education that schools will ongoingly be able to provide, and to their capacity to minimise fee increases.

All parties have pledged different levels of commitment and we urge you to read the attached information carefully as you consider your vote in this Federal Election. Visit the AISSA Federal Election 2016 website for further information.

The AISSA is a non-partisan organisation. Our goal is to ensure that all political parties value and recognise the essential role played by SA Independent schools in educating South Australian students.

Authorised by Carolyn Grantskalns, Chief Executive, AISSA, 301 Unley Road, Malvern 5061.