The Paradigm Shifters Learning Symposium

The Association of Independent Schools of South Australia (AISSA) and the South Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (SASPA) will co-host the Paradigm Shifters Learning Symposium to showcase the work of International expert Yong Zhao and the progress of South Australian Schools in embedding his approaches into their work. The symposium will be held on July 29 at the National Wine Centre. A school visitation program has been planned for July 30 and 31. The total cost per participant is $350 inclusive of school visits.

Ten AISSA schools and ten SASPA schools are working with Professor Yong Zhao to explore the evolving possibilities and challenges in creating schools which will build future thinkers and innovators. The guiding principles of the work have been Professor Zhao’s principles of student autonomy, product-oriented learning and the global campus which, he believes, are foundational to a world class education.

This work has led to a better understanding of what conditions help the development of entrepreneurial young people, a personalised education and increased student participation as valuable contributors and decision makers.

More information and registration details are available on the Paradigm Shifters Learning Symposium‘s dedicated website.