Teacher Certification Workshop C: Putting it all Together

15th October, 2021 @ 9:00 am


15/10/2021 - 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Workshop C: Putting it all together

  • The final workshop will unpack the requirements of classroom observation as well as provide an opportunity to share and seek feedback on evidence collected.
  • Advice on ways in which to collate and map your Stage 1 portfolio and next steps towards final submission will be provided as well as the requirements for Stage 2.


Target audience: Teachers who are working at or towards the Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT) career stage of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) who have the support and approval of their Principal.  Collecting and collating the evidence of your impact for the Stage 1 application usually takes one to two years.

Delivery mode: Face to face

Presenters: Mary Pickett, AISSA


The AISSA provides support and professional learning for teachers in Independent Schools in SA who are seeking to become certified as a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT) and have their Principal’s support to do so.

Certification is a national process and uses the APST as a basis for certifying teachers at the Highly Accomplished (HA) or Lead career stages. This workshop series is free for applicants, but the cost of certification is $1825 (paid in stages).

Participants must register online and complete all three workshops in sequence within the semester or across the year (or in some situations two years) before they can submit their application for certification as a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher (HALT).

The three-workshop series (A, B and C) is offered each semester and must be completed in the correct sequence and within two years. Applicants must have the support of their Principal to apply for certification.

For further information please contact Mary Pickett



Due to current COVID-19 restrictions the AISSA is required to enforce set limits on the number of attendees for this event based on social distancing and maximum density rules.  To secure your place please complete the registration as attendance at the AISSA office without a confirmed place may result in being turned away if the event is at capacity.  Visitors to the AISSA office must wear a mask at all times, unless eating or drinking.  Anyone unwilling to wear a mask will not be permitted entry unless they have an exemption based on the identified criteria.


There is no on-site parking available.  For parking options please refer to the parking map.  Tram stop #1 Greenhill Road is a 6-minute walk away.


For registration enquiries please contact Rae Dawkins.



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