Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Program

7th August, 2022 @ 12:00 am


07/08/2022 - 13/08/2022 - All Day


The Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Program (Sunday 7 August 2022 to Saturday 13 August 2022) aims to bring together current and aspiring school leaders and educators wanting to know more about our First Nations Peoples, and to experience first-hand the uniqueness of an Aboriginal culture.  This program will provide opportunities to deepen your understanding of Australia’s First Peoples, and enable you to lead with greater insight the reconciliation initiatives in your community. Schools are welcome to include a small number of secondary students in their delegation.

The Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Program will be with the Yolngu people of East Arnhem Land through  Culture College. This remote region of East Arnhem Land is one of the most remarkable places on earth, both culturally and geographically. The landscape has large expanses of pristine coast and hinterland. The Aboriginal peoples of East Arnhem Land have experienced comparatively little disruption to their culture since the arrival of Europeans, and therefore visitors to this remote part of Australia will be able to experience the complex and rich cultural life of the Yolngu people, on Yolngu Country. Central to the cultural beliefs of the Yolngu, is the importance of two-way learning, a reciprocal sharing of cultural knowledge and wisdom between the Yolngu people and visitors welcomed to their Country.

Accommodation and Activities

The Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Program will have participants engaging in a range of hands-on activities which will include some of the following; Yolngu language lessons, kinship structures, basket weaving, bush tucker and bush medicines, making fire, making traditional paint from clay, traditional dancing, fishing and making jewellery. Please refer to the Itinerary for detailed information.


To register, please complete the Booking Form and send it to info@culturecollege.org. A deposit of $750 per person will be required by 3 May 2022. The final payment is due 7 June 2022.

For further information, please contact Justin Porter, CEO, Culture College justin@culturecollege.org t: 0410 541 216.