Australian Bushfires: Wellbeing Resources for Families

Dealing with the impact of the Australian Bushfires will be a significant challenge for many.  Please consider the following resources related to the wellbeing of children and adults during this difficult time:

Beyond Blue
Bushfires and Mental Health
Talking to kids about scary stuff in the news – tips for parents and guardians

Australian Childhood Foundation
Making Space for Learning: Trauma Informed Practice in Schoolsis a resource guide to assist schools to unlock the potential of traumatised children and young people to grow and develop at school.

 Emerging Minds
The Community Trauma Toolkit contains resources to help and support adults and children before, during, and after a disaster or traumatic event. It will help you understand some of the impacts of disaster and how you can help lessen these impacts.

 Good Grief Organisation
Stormbirds program supports young people in understanding and managing the changes they experience as a result of natural disaster. It enables them to realise they are not alone in dealing with the impacts of the natural disaster, and supports them to develop coping, problem solving and decision making skills in an atmosphere of like-to-like peer support. Stormbirds training and materials are available free of charge to schools and agencies supporting children and young people after a natural disaster. Please contact the Good Grief National Office (61 2) 8912 2700 for more details.

Bushfire information and support for NDIS participants and providers

A guide for how to talk with children overwhelmed by Australia’s devastating bushfires.

Australian National University 
Disasters: Bushfire resources | Australian Child & Adolescent Trauma, Loss & Grief Network

Victorian Education 
Helping children after a bushfire – teacher booklet
Helping children following a natural disaster – information booklet

Queensland Health 
Four ways you can help your kids deal with a natural disaster
Birdie’s Tree – Growing together through natural disasters

Phoenix Australia (Centre for Posttraumatic Mental Health)
Recovery Online – coming to terms with trauma
Joel and the Storm a free evidence supported storybook to help children understand trauma and recover from natural disasters.

Early Connections
Bushfire Social Story – Social Stories are a social learning tool that supports the safe and meaningful exchange of information between parents, professionals, and people with autism of all ages.

The Conversation 
Bushfires can make kids scared and anxious: here are 5 steps to help them cope

The Parents’ Website – Independent Schools Victoria
Helping people deal with traumatic events – University of Melbourne’s Professor Meaghan O’Donnell provides some useful research-based advice to support family and friends who have
been through life-threatening and distressing events
My tiny humans: Explaining the bushfires – Author Natalie Moutafis’ toddler has seen images from the bushfires on the TV and wonders about the ‘grey’ sky.