Webinar series – Safeguarding Student Data: the interplay between legal, ethical & moral obligations, session three

26th November, 2019 @ 2:00 pm


26/11/2019 - 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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This is the third of three one hour sessions.

With connected technology now being used in the majority of classrooms, it’s critical for schools to increase their understanding about cyber security and keeping student data safe. This includes clear insight into what data is being collected, stored and shared by EdTech vendors, and what those companies might make of that data. In its 2019 report, Digital Platforms Inquiry, the ACCC suggested schools should regularly review policy, practice and systems that relate to the collection, management, and use of Personal information, together with educating all staff on their privacy obligations when handling student data. In a bid to raise awareness of these obligations, AISSA, in partnership with RTG and BrightBytes, is pleased to offer online training to AISSA member schools regarding adoption and practices relating to a school’s Digital Privacy, Safety and Security approach.


Target audience: Principals, school leaders, Business Managers, IT Managers, Risk & Compliance team members

Delivered over three one hour sessions, participants from this online training engagement will:

  • Build confidence in developing and implementing appropriate procedures for responding to a data breach or cyber security incident.
  • Strengthen their understanding of data privacy and security compliance to meet legal, technical and moral obligations to safeguard student data.
  • Gain insight about school and teacher accountability for data privacy, safety and security, particularly when utilising third party products for school purposes.
  • Be provided with a selection of resources to strengthen understanding of data privacy, digital safety, and cyber security.


Participants are required to register and participate in all three components of the webinar series.  Participants will be sent webinar access details after registration.

Session One: Tuesday 12 November, 2pm – 3pm

Topics to be discussed:

  • Federal and state privacy regulation & legislation.
  • Impacts of privacy regulation through an educational lens.
  • School Policy Advisory: recommendations towards school adoption of policy relating to data privacy and cyber security.
  • Data Privacy Risk Profile: completion of online survey.

Session Two: Tuesday 19 November, 2pm – 3pm

Topics to be discussed:

  • Incident Response Management: review workflows and processes.
  • Data Lifecycle theory: vulnerability of data at each lifecycle stage.
  • Reviewing the school’s data breach response plan: compliance against OAIC expectations and regulations.
  • Cyber Security checklist

Session Three: Tuesday 26 November, 2pm – 3pm

Topics to be discussed:

  • Cyber Security Discovery: trends and challenges
  • Data Privacy and Digital Security: structuring a school system towards continuous improvement.
  • Teacher & School responsibilities for data privacy, safety and security.
  • Three pillars of Data Privacy: transparency, accountability & consent.


Workshop Presenter

Melanie Gillies is the Education Solutions Consultant at RTG. She has worked in the education and not-for-profit sector for 18 years, specialising in the digital technologies curriculum design, plus cyber safety and security policy and practice. Before RTG, Melanie worked with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation as the Senior Advisor for the eSmart Schools program. Skilled in classroom teaching, school leadership, training delivery, organisational and project management, Melanie is currently completing research towards her Master of Education thesis, titled “Creating digital efficacy in the contemporary classroom: maximising connectivity, minimising risk”. The aim of her research is to investigate the impact of transparency, accountability and consent on student data privacy between schools and third-party vendor agreements.


There is no fee to participate in this event.  Please book to reserve your place before 05/11/2019

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