OSHC Educators’ Network Session 6

17th September, 2019 @ 10:00 am


17/09/2019 - 10:00 am - 12:30 pm

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Meeting Focus Planning for and implementing Vacation Care programs that respond to children’s ideas, knowledge, strengths, cultural experiences and wellbeing.


Scope of Session – In this session participants will:

  • Engage in small groups to discuss and share aspects of their vacation care programs including challenges and what is working well.
  • Discuss different approaches to thinking and planning for best practice in vacation care with a specific focus on the three Exceeding Themes:
    • Practice is embedded in service operations.
    • Practice is informed by critical reflection.
    • Practice is shaped by meaningful engagement with families and/or the community.
  • Explore and share resources that can support and contribute to developing outstanding professional practices in each unique OSHC setting.


Core foci

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

3.2 Exhibit exemplary practice and lead colleagues to plan, implement and review the effectiveness of their learning and teaching programs to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.
6.3 Implement professional dialogue within the school or professional learning network(s) that is informed by feedback, analysis of current research and practice to improve the educational outcomes of students.


National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care

1.2.1 Intentional teaching Educators are deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful in their decisions and actions.
1.3.2 Critical reflection on children’s learning and development, both as individuals and in groups, drives program planning and implementation.
4.2.1 Management, educators and staff work with mutual respect and collaboratively, and challenge and learn from each other, recognising each others’ strengths and skills.


Target Group

OSHC Providers



Libby Worrell, AISSA


Registration for this event will incur a fee of $20.00 (GST inclusive) per participant.  This fee is invoiced after the event and is payable even if you do not attend on the day as AISSA will still incur cost.  If notice of cancellation is received before 10/09/2019 the fee will be waived.

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