Nature at Play: Master Class 1 ‘Nature Based Sensory Experiences’

4th June, 2019 @ 4:00 pm


04/06/2019 - 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Sensory integration is the ability of the body to integrate and process all information it receives via the sensory modalities of touch, taste, smell, hearing and vision. When engaged in sensory play children use all their senses.

This master class will be facilitated by professional educators from Nature Play SA who are committed to and are experts in outdoor learning environments. This session will engage educators to share in practices that support deep learning in natural environments. As this is a master class, there will be an assumed level of knowledge and understanding and participants will be encouraged to consider and reflect upon their own site policies and processes to support learning in natural environments, including what outdoor learning is and why it matters.

Target Group

Early Childhood and Foundation Leaders, teachers and educators


Maria Taylor, Nature Play SA
Libby Worrell, AISSA


Pulteney Grammar School – Parking details and exact location within school to follow


Participants will investigate natural environments that provide early learners with a rich and engaging platform for sensory experiences. We will explore opportunities for children to develop sensory integration skills through play and exploration.

Scope of Session

This session will focus on developing an understanding of strategies that support children’s sensory integration. Participants will explore, analyse and pose questions in response to a range of sensory experiences including:

  • Spinning in circles (establishing a strong balance system)
  • Walking barefoot (aiding healthy development)
  • Developing programs to integrate learning outside the classroom (setting children up for success indoors)
  • Movement breaks and time outdoors (aiding self-regulation).

Afternoon tea is included.

Participants will engage in practical activities as well as exploring theories and understandings. This session will also include a resource book to develop strategies and programs on site.


Registration for this event will incur a fee of $60.00 (GST inclusive) per participant.  This fee is invoiced after the event and is payable even if you do not attend on the day as the AISSA will still incur costs.  If notice of cancellation is received before 28/05/2019 the fee will be waived.

For all registration enquiries please contact Rae Dawkins


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