Liaison with various cross-sector education groups and forums

The Directors, Educational Services, liaise with the following groups and can provide advice in relation to their services and work:

  • South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre Reference Group
  • Intersector Secondary Principals Education Coordinating Committee (INTERSPECC)
  • Flinders Leadership and Management in Education Research Group - Flinders University
  • School of Education Advisory Committee - UniSA
  • School Sector and SACE Board Senior Officers Liaison Group
  • AEDI Coordinating Committee
  • UniSA Early Childhood Education Programs Advisory Group
  • Multicultural Education Committee
  • SA Aboriginal Education and Training Consultative Body
  • Universal Access to Early Childhood Education Stakeholders Advisory Committee
  • Teacher Education Taskforce
  • Ministerial Education, Care and Early Childhood Development Legislation Reform Stakeholder Advisory Group
  • Research in Special Education
  • Ministerial Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities
  • School Based Immunisation Working Party
  • Secondary Students with Disabilities Transition Network
  • Women's and Children's Hospital Child Development Unit Team Meetings
  • National Disability Coordination Officer Program
  • Positive Partnerships