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Welcome to The Australian Curriculum V7.5

Welcome to The Australian Curriculum: Support and Resources 
Phase One of the Australian Curriculum was to be implemented by the end of 2013 in the Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Science and History. Professional Learning workshops and resources to assist Principals and Schools have been developed to support schools. Further advice, support and resources will be added as Updates. This initiative is part of AISSA’s implementation strategy for the Australian Curriculum. 


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Professional Learning
Janet Farrall, Senior Educational Consultant, and Marg Taylor, AISSA Consultant are available to offer you and your Leadership team in-school advice and support on leading the  implementation of the Australian Curriculum. This assistance is free. Professional Learning options have been developed which you can access and/or tailor to your school’s individual needs.

Professional Learning Options available:

• Achievement Standards, Moderation and Assessment Task Design

• Critical, Creative and Reflective Thinking 

• Developing Rubrics for the Australian Curriculum

• Differentiation for all Learners including the Gifted

• Gifted and Talented Education

• Learning and Teaching Unit Design

• Mapping the General Capabilities

• Multi-age Classes

• Teaching History

• The General Capabilities

Principals and Curriculum leaders who wish to access this support are invited to contact Roger Anderson, Deputy Chief Executive, or Janet Farrall,

Below are the central professional learning workshops scheduled for 2015.

Assessment in the Australian Curriculum F-10

Assessment and Student Diversity

Beyond Bloom: Critical and Creative Thinking (Advanced)

Critical and Creative Thinking: Primary

Critical and Creative Thinking: Secondary

Depth and Complexity Icons

Master Class 1: Quality Questioning

Also scheduled are workshop series in the Gifted and Talented area.

Providing for Gifted and Talented Learners - Primary

Providing for Gifted and Talented Learners - Secondary

Differentiation for all Learners including the Gifted

Giftedness and Early Childhood

To register for any of these workshops, go to

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New Australian Curriculum Resources 2015

Please note that AISSA does not endorse external workshops nor does AISSA have any responsibility for their content.

NEW Resources from the AISSA Australian Curriculum web pages.

Student Diversity: Gifted and Talented Learners
A new resource for parents of gifted children, “Supporting your gifted and talented child’s achievement and well-being: A resource for parents”, has been published on the AISSA website. The information in this booklet can be used as a starting point for parents and as a resource for educators and other professionals who wish to understand the complexities of parenting and working with gifted children. The authors, Janet Farrall and Lesley Henderson, have a wealth of experience in the field of Gifted Education.

F - 10 Australian Curriculum Languages
Languages for Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish and Vietnamese are now available on the Australian Curriculum website. 

Assessment, Moderation and Reporting

Learning Area Audit Tools

Audit tools for The Arts (Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts) have been added recently.

Resources for the Thinking General Capability

This new page has been created to publish and share Teaching Units based on various curriculum models, for example, Bloom's Taxonomy. These resources may be used freely but with acknowledgement.


A new Australian Curriculum Unit template that incorporates academic vocabulary has been added to the list of available templates in Support and Resources.

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