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All resources relating to the Australian Curriculum v8.0 may be found under the heading Version 8 on the left hand menu bar.

Professional Learning workshops and resources to assist Principals and Schools implement the Australian Curriculum have been developed. Advice from ACARA will be added as Updates. Further support and resources will be added as they become available and these are flagged below. These initiatives are part of AISSA’s implementation strategy for the Australian Curriculum.


Please note that AISSA does not endorse external workshops nor does AISSA have any responsibility for their content.

Australian Curriculum v8
A new page has been created entitled Version 8. All supporting resources for Australian Curriculum v8 may be found using the following link.

Student Diversity: Gifted and Talented Learners
A new resource for parents of gifted children,Supporting your gifted and talented child’s achievement and well-being: A resource for parents”, has been published on the AISSA website. The information in this booklet can be used as a starting point for parents and as a resource for educators and other professionals who wish to understand the complexities of parenting and working with gifted children. The authors, Janet Farrall and Lesley Henderson, have a wealth of experience in the field of Gifted Education.

Assessment, Moderation and Reporting

Most rubrics for the 5 Phase 1 subjects have been completed. 

Contact Janet Farrall, for further information.

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