For Teachers


Teachers will voluntarily apply for certification. Each individual application will incur a cost of $1825 (this is not expected to cover the full cost to AISSA for the provision of certification) which will be paid to AISSA in 3 stages: 
  1. Application Fee  - $125 
  2. Stage 1 - $1000 (paid when Stage 1 evidence is submitted)
  3. Stage 2 - $750 (paid prior to Stage 2 school visit if successful at Stage 1).
A specific guide for certification of teachers in AISSA schools has been developed (see document below).  In 2016 interested teachers can register their interest in applying for certification.  
Teachers interested in applying need to: 
  1. Check their eligibility (details in the guide pp 9-10);
  2. Familiarise themselves with the Certification principles and processes and the Guide to Certification;
  3. Closely examine the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  4. Complete the online Self-assessment test on the AITSL website; 
  5. Discuss with their Principal (or delegate) their suitability and school support for their application at the Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher career stage (Applicants for Lead must discuss their Lead Initiatives).
  6. Commence collecting and organising evidence against the specific descriptors of Standards at the Highly Accomplished or Lead career stages.
    Refer to AITSL Certification Evidence Guides: Highly Accomplished and Lead

 Guide to Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in SA (2017)
 AITSL Highly Accomplished Documentary evidence supplement
 AITSL Lead Documentary evidence supplement
 Expression of Interest Form - Application for Certification as Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher