For Principals

Information for Principals

At this stage it is recommended that Principals inform all teachers in their schools of the establishment of the Certification process and direct them to the AITSL website for further details. 

For teachers who are interested in applying for certification it is recommended that the Principal (or delegate):

  1. Engage in professional discussion with the teacher regarding readiness for applying for certification (pre-assessment stage);
  2. Determine which career stage is most suitable for the applicant: Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher;
  3. Provide feedback and annual performance assessments against the Standards where possible.

Applications for Certification

When a teacher applies for certification as a Highly Accomplished or Lead teacher, the Principal (or delegate) will be asked to:

  1. Be a referee and provide evaluative statements against the relevant and specific focus areas of the Standards demonstrated of which they have direct knowledge of the applicant’s practice;
  2. Undertake observation of the teacher’s practice and provide a written report
  3. Participate in a short professional discussion with an external assessor during the site visit (assessment Stage 2) in regard to the teacher’s performance against the specific focus areas of the Standards;
  4. Discuss suitable options with teachers who wish to apply for Lead level who are required to lead an initiative in the school over a minimum of 6 months that is linked to school initiatives.

Assessor Training

Principals may nominate a teacher/leader in their school who is suitably experienced to be trained as an assessor. This training takes 3 days face to face and 50+ hours online commencing February 2016.  Please see the information sheet and nomination for below.

For in-school support, advice and further details contact:

Mary Pickett
Senior Educational Consultant
T:  08 8179 1400

 Guide to Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in SA (2017)
 Intro Certification of SA Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers.pptx
 2016 Becoming an AISSA National Certification Assessor - Information and Application Form
 Assessor Training Program Overview SATCC 2016
 Secondary Combined Heads Briefing - Teacher Certification.pdf