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SA Teacher Certification

National Certification of SA Independent Schools Teachers

National Certification was endorsed in April 2012 by all Australian Education Ministers. It uses the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as a basis for making rigorous and consistent judgements regarding the certification of teachers at the higher career stages across Australia.

Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers aims to:

·         Recognise and promote quality teaching
·         Provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice
·         Provide a reliable indication of quality teaching that can be used to identify, recognise and/or reward Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers (AITSL, 2012)

The ultimate goal for improving teacher quality is to improve the educational outcomes for all young Australians.

Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers will be certified for a five year period (with a renewal option) through a national process applied by appropriate bodies in each participating jurisdiction. To ensure national consistency certifying bodies will certify teachers against the Standards, using a national process and quality assurance methods. For further information please refer to:  

 Guide to Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in SA (2017)
 AITSL Certification Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers - Principles and processes
 FAQs - Highly Accomplished & Lead Teacher Certification
 Expression of Interest Form - Application for Certification as Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher


Early in 2012 AISSA consulted with Principals in regard to the establishment, delivery and conduct of the National Certification process for teachers. The key element to emerge was that certification of SA Independent School teachers should be undertaken by people within the Independent Schools sector.

A joint agency with the Catholic and Government sectors was established to oversee the process, with each sector carrying out their own assessments for certification under the requirements in accordance with the National Partnerships Agreement.

The three sectors have agreed upon an MOU which provided for the joint establishment of the SA Teacher Certification Committee (SATCC), to oversee the certification process in SA.

In regard to teachers in the Independent School sector in SA who apply for certification, AISSA will be responsible for: 

1.     Implementation of a rigorous, transparent, valid and credible assessments teachers’ practice for the purpose of certification as required by the National Agreement;
2.     Providing recommendations for certification to SATCC;
3.     Providing samples of assessments for auditing as requested by SATCC;
4.     Implementation of a moderation processes as determined by SATCC;
5.     Management all communication throughout all stages of the assessment process with the applicant;
6.     Facilitation of the National Assessors Training Program for our sector.

The SATCC as the certifying authority will specifically be responsible for:

  1. Ensuring the three SA sectors meet the requirements for assessment and certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers as required by the National Partnerships Agreement, Rewards for Great Teachers;
  2. Training for all Assessors in South Australia
  3. Developing the Guide to Certification in SA Schools (now available - click here)
  4. Considering and making determinations on recommendations from the schooling sectors on awarding of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher status;
  5. Monitoring and moderating assessment and recommendation processes;
  6. Establishing a review of the assessment process.

Teachers interested in applying for certification as Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers can click here to go to the information page.

Mary Pickett is the contact person at AISSA for all enquiries in regard to Teacher Certification. 
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