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AISSA Leadership Program 2015

School Improvement has certainly dominated the education debate in recent times, and one of the clear messages to emerge from the research is that school leaders are critical to and central in any improvement journey. 

The key to ongoing school improvement is a positive learning environment and embedded pedagogical practices that lead to improved student outcomes. Quality teaching and learning are fundamental to school improvement as is the ability to engage the community in meaningful ways in the process.

Feedback from School Leaders in our sector suggests that the greatest challenges lie in establishing and embedding the preconditions for improvement and in developing a culture where there are high expectations for all staff and students. 

The 2015 leadership program has been designed to respond to this feedback.

Below is the 2015 AISSA Leadership Booklet which will be distributed to schools in January 2015.

 2015 AISSA Leadership Booklet

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Schooling for First World Economies

Yong Zhao Picture.jpg

What is the future of education and how should schools respond? What do school leaders need to know?

This keynote address focuses on schooling for First World Economies and the challenges for the future.

Presented by Dr Yong Zhao international scholar, author, and speaker. Dr Zhao’s work focuses on the implications of globalization and technology on education. He has designed schools that cultivate global competence, and founded research and development institutions to explore innovative education models. He has published over 100 articles and 20 books.

Dr Zhao currently serves as the Presidential Chair and Director of the Institute for Global and Online Education in the College of Education, University of Oregon, where he is also a Professor in the Department of Educational Measurement, Policy, and Leadership.

To view one of Dr Zhao's presentations click here.

This link is to a conference recommended by Dr Zhao. This conference focuses on Templestowe College, a school attempting to implement his ideas. 

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Difficult School Conversations: Dealing with Parents, Staff and Students

Presented by Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson from the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education.

The current focus on school improvement has brought to the fore the need for Principals to build their skills in relation to engaging in difficult conversations about improvement.

These two full day workshops on ‘open-to-learning’ conversations will assist school leaders to build a climate of professional and relational trust in their dealings with staff, parents and students and provide a model for effective communication.

Some of the skills explored will include the ability to describe problematic situations, listen to others’ views, detect and challenge their own and others’ assumptions, invite consideration of alternative views, give and receive negative feedback, and deal constructively with conflict.

This two day workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to work closely with Professor Viviane Robinson.  She will provide coaching and feedback so that by the end of the workshop series,  participants will have a far deeper understanding of the relationship between their own theory in use and their ability to make progress on important job related concerns.

Participants will also be provided with an extensive 160 page resource pack including slides, notes pages, templates, activity sheets, video transcripts and readings.

Registrations are strictly limited to 30 participants. To see full details and to register for this Leadership Workshop series click here.

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Strengthening School Community Partnerships

This school improvement forum will provide the opportunity for Principals and school leaders who have not yet done so, to work with Dr George Otero, Centre of Relational Learning, Santa Fe, New Mexico, to explore the importance of community engagement in school improvement. He will focus on four critical questions:

  • What is our educational and moral purpose?
  • What are our under-pinning beliefs about our children, our families and our community?
  • Why are relationships the key to educational success?
  • How do we expand, improve and build new relationships to educate better together?

The forum will focus on the why, what and how of community engagement and provide participants with the opportunity to engage with relevant research, discussion, individual reflection and group analysis and planning.

To view full details and to register for this Leadership workshop click here.

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Managing School Change: The Fundamentals of the Change Process

Presented by Ruth Blenkiron, Director Human Resources,University of South Australia, this three workshop program will focus on the fundamentals of managing change, the practical implications of change management and how best to implement a successful change strategy.

Leaders will develop the practical skills to implement a significant change agenda within their own work environments.  The sessions will focus on:

  • The identification of what is required
  • The planning process
  • Assembling the team
  • Executing the process
  • Assessment

The workshops are best suited to leaders who have a specific project/task/structure/ process in mind that they wish to change and which they believe will require assistance and practical skills to implement with their Boards, Councils and staff. This is a practical, hands on approach to change management.

This series is best undertaken by Principals and a ‘significant other’ responsible for driving the change process in the school.

Between workshops, Principals will be supported to activate their school based change process by their Senior Education Consultant at AISSA.

Registrations are strictly limited. Participants must commit to the entire workshop series.

To view full details and to register for this Leadership workshop series click here.


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Financial Management in an Independent School

Presented by John Somerset, CEO of Somerset Education, this workshop will focus on effective financial management for schools. This will include information on what a Principal needs to know, what to look out for, performance indicators and understanding budgets.

To view full details and to register for this Leadership workshop click here.

 Financial Management Presentation Handout

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