School Management & Governance

Compliance & Accountability

Independent schools are obligated to achieve a number of accountability and compliance requirements. The AISSA assists its member schools in understanding and meeting their obligations in regard to legislation, accountability to governments, funding agreements and quality assurance processes.

Assistance to schools is provided via various workshops, regular meetings with Principals, Business Managers and School Board Governors, via constant email and hardcopy communication, and on an individual school basis as required.


AISSA is committed to assisting its member schools to undertake effective and professional governance arrangements through a series of workshops, journal articles and on an individual school basis as required. There have been substantial developments in governance theory in recent years and suggested references on Governance can be obtained from Carolyn Grantskalns at AISSA.

The AISSA School Board Governance Program provides information about a range of governance issues for School Board members, Governors generally, Board Chairs and recently appointed Governors or Board members.