Human Resource Management

The AISSA provides expert advice and assistance to member schools on a wide-range of Human Resource Management matters including:

  • Industrial relations;
  • Issues management;
  • WHS;
  • Enterprise bargaining;
  • Organisational change and restructuring;
  • Contracts and remuneration for senior staff;
  • Recruitment;
  • Appraisals;
  • Equal opportunity; and
  • Legal requirements.

The AISSA advice and assistance to member schools often ranges from strategic directions for a school to individual staff issues. Information is also provided to member schools on emerging human resource trends, key issues, and legal changes.

The AISSA represents the Independent school sector in the Fair Work Commission (formerly the Australian Industrial Relations Commission). The AISSA can represent schools in the Fair Work Commission. 

The AISSA has arrangements with legal firms and a WHS consultant to provide further expert advice to AISSA.

The AISSA is involved in issues specific to the education sector such as teacher standards and teacher supply and demand. The AISSA has a nominee on the Teachers Registration Board.

The AISSA Deputy Chief Executive is Roger Anderson who can be contacted on (08) 8179 1400 or by email.

Industrial Awards

Independent schools are now covered by Federal industrial relations legislation.

Two awards now apply to Independent schools, although many schools have enterprise agreements that operate in place of the Awards. In most schools where the Awards apply, pay rates are higher than the rates in the Award.

Link for Educational Services (Schools) General Staff Award 2010

Link for Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2010


Legislation requires employers to provide the Fair Work Information Statement to new employees.



The Notice of Employee Representational Rights must be provided to employees when enterprise bargaining is to commence.  Please visit the Fair Work Commission website to download a copy.