The AISSA Board

Board Election E2017/58

The Post-election Report in respect of the above is available on request. Please contact Lynn Carter on 8179 1402 if you would like to receive a copy of this Report.


The AISSA Board currently consists of 9 members and is a representative Board. The Board is focused on strategic/policy issues and strategies of significance to member schools and also attends to its role as a governing body.

The AISSA Board members are as follows:

Governors of Member Schools
Mr Kym Wallent - Immanuel College
Mr Kristian Downing - St Andrew's School (Chair)
Mr Don Grimmett - Investigator College

Principals of Member Schools
Mr Rainer Mayer - Playford College 
Ms Anne Dunstan - Pulteney Grammar School (Deputy Chair)
Mr Marcel Rijken - Temple Christian College

Bursar/Business Manager/Administrator of a Member School
Mr Brenton Howell - St John's Grammar School

Group of "up to four (4) other persons"
Mr John Proeve - Executive Director, L
utheran Schools Association SA/NT/WA
Ms Rebecca Clarke - Principal, Walford Anglican School for Girls

Mrs Carolyn Grantskalns - Chief Executive 
Ms Lynn Carter  - Minute Secretary