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The South Australian Independent Schools Board (ISB) was formed in 1974 (now AISSA) to represent and promote the diverse interests of non-government independent schools.   


The AISSA leads, supports, represents and advocates for the Independent sector in South Australia to enhance the success, sustainability and strength of its member schools.


Across all of its activities, the AISSA is guided by

  • a commitment to the independence of member schools to develop in ways that embody their individual philosophies
  • a belief that the Independent sector offers genuine diversity that ensures parents have real choice in selecting their children's schooling
  • a commitment to integrity, excellence and expertise.


The AISSA has secured additional funding from the Australian Government to support schools to implement the National Plan for School Improvement (NPSI). This provides considerable opportunity for the AISSA to work closely with school leaders in the development of their individual plan for school improvement.

The AISSA’s staff will focus on those aspects of school performance identified as priorities in the NPSI. Consistent with the work schools are already undertaking to improve teaching and learning, the focus areas of the plan provide added impetus to the development of quality teaching, quality learning and the capacity of staff to meet individual student need. In addition work will continue on the preparation of individual learning plans to enable students with disability to access the curriculum.

The AISSA will also continue to provide assistance to schools in the implementation of the Australian Curriculum, numeracy, literacy, VET, early childhood, SACE and indigenous education.

The AISSA’s core member services will also continue to include:

  • Lobbying, advocacy and representation
  • Leadership and liaison in relation to external agencies such as DEEWR and DECD
  • Strategic policy analysis, particularly of legislation, regulation, accountability and compliance issues
  • Strategic advice to schools
  • Child protection
  • Critical incident management advice
  • Compliance advice
  • School resourcing, particularly funding advice
  • Governance training and advice
  • Industrial relations, work health and safety and human resource management advice
  • Promotion of the independent sector
  • Communication with the media


Privacy Policy

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