Capital Grants Program (CAP)

Prescott Primary Northern

Capital Grants for 2017are to be submitted by COB 29 January 2016 by email with supporting documentation due by Tuesday 2 February 2016

Out of round applications will only be considered in certain circumstances.

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Aims & Objectives for Capital Grants

The aims and objectives of the Capital Grants program are documented in the publication "Australian Government  Capital Grants Programme (CGP) for Non Government Schools - CGP Operating Manual, 2014" which is available for downloading click here.

Funds for non-government schools may be allocated in accordance with the Guidelines to:

  • investigation of the need for schools, buildings parts of buildings, other facilities or equipment;
  • the purchase of land, with buildings or parts of buildings, or in special circumstances, without buildings;
  • the planning, erection, alteration extension, demolition (including asbestos removal) or refurbishment of a building, part of a building or other facility including student residential accommodation, and attached supervisors’ quarters;
  • the development or preparation of land for building or other purposes;
  • the installation or upgrading of water, electricity or any other services;
  • the provision of furniture or equipment, including information technology equipment, which should be part of a broader capital project unless special circumstances exist;
  • the provision of library materials and the goods for cataloguing a library; or
  • payment to a Block Grant Authority for its administrative expenses.

Funds are not available for facilities: 

  • which have religious worship as a principal purpose;
    in a co-educational school where the facilities will not, as far as practicable, be equally available to male and female students at the school;
  • which provide staff housing for non-government schools other than supervisors' quarters attached to student boarding facilities; or
  • where retrospective approval is sought.

Notice of Intent

To apply for the 2018 Round of Capital Funding a Notice of Intent must be submitted by Friday 18 November 2016.  

Please download the PDF document below for completion. 


 Notice of Intent 2018.pdf

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Application Process for Capital Grants

Schools that decide to apply for a Capital Grant are invited to lodge a detailed application outlining the proposed Capital Project and the circumstances of the school. These dates are advertised to all schools.

The BGA then considers:
  • The eligibility and priority of each application in light of the Australian Government's criteria for capital funding;
  • Details of the proposed projects as submitted by applicants and discussed with BGA Committee members during visits to applicant schools; and
  • The financial situation of the schools seeking assistance.
It is the policy of the BGA Committee to assist as many schools as possible within the available funds and the Australian Government Guidelines for the Program.

To apply for a Capital Grants download the documents below which outline the grant process.

 Stage 2 Initial Application Instructions
 Stage 2.1 Initial Application (Word Document)
 Stage 2.2 Initial Application (Excel Document)
 Stage 2 Application Agreement

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Invitation to proceed

Once a school is invited to proceed with its Capital application, usually around April each year, the following documents are to be downloaded and completed.
2017 for 2018 documentation will be available in March.

 Stage 4 Final Documentation - Project Documentation Guidlines
 Stage 4 Final Documentation - 4.1 Final Project Description and Costs
 Stage 4 Final Documentation - 4.2 Declaration

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Approval Process

By 30 September each year, the BGA must recommend to the Australian Government Minister, projects to be funded in the following year.

Generally, the Minister's decision on recommended Capital Grant projects is announced in November or December and most projects are scheduled to commence in the following year. However, funding for projects is generally provided over a two year period which means that prospective applicants may have to borrow funds to finance projects in the interim.

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Grant Acceptance

Once a grant has been approved by the Australian Government the BGA will forward to the school a Grant Acceptance Agreement which outlines the schools responsibilities in regards to the grant. The school is required to sign and return the documents to the BGA. Payments from the BGA to the school cannot commence until at least January in the first year of the grant.  


 Capital Grant Successful Grant Checklist

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Tender Process/Project Management

Before a project can commence tenders must be obtained and submitted to the BGA. Please note that NO WORK CAN BE UNDERTAKEN until the BGA approves the tender or agrees to the school Project Managing a project. 

Once the tender is approved by the BGA and before any grant payments can be made a Notification of Contract Signing or Notification of Project Management must be completed and sent to the BGA.

 Results of Tender Process
 Project Management Checklist
 BGA - Recognition Requirements and Opening Ceremonies
 BGA Committee Members
 2 Notification of Contract Signing or Project Management.docx

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Construction & Expenditure Phase

Once the school has signed a contract or notified the BGA of its intent to project manage and has commenced the site preparation and construction phase, claims should be submitted MONTHLY on the Monthly Progressive Expenditure Statement. These statements should be sent to the BGA even if no expenditure has occurred during the period. 

The BGA retains 10% of the total grant for projects over $250k and 15% of the total grant for projects under $250k until the final Expenditure Statement, Architects Certificate and a copy of the Invitation to the Opening Ceremony that is sent to the Federal Minister is received by the BGA. The BGA Chairman and Executive Officer should also be invited to the Opening Ceremony.

 Architect Certificate
 Capital Grants Monthly Progressive Expenditure Statement

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Final Payment & Project Completion

Once all of the criteria under the Construction phase has been met the final grant payment will be made to the school. On receipt of the final payment the school must organise for an Auditor to complete the Accountant’s Certificate. This must be done within 3 months of receiving the final payment. Once this has been received by the BGA the project can be acquitted.

 Capital Grant Accountant Certificate

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