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Block Grant Authority (BGA)

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The Australian Government provides funds to help schools in the Government, Catholic and Independent sectors undertake capital works.

Australian Government funds allocated to the South Australian Independent sector are administered by the SA Independent Schools Block Grant Authority Inc (BGA), which is an incorporated body established by the Association of Independent Schools SA for the purpose of making recommendations to the Australian Government Minister on capital grants to the State’s Independent schools.

The BGA operates under a legal agreement with the Australian Government requiring compliance with Australian Government guidelines and legislation. As a separately incorporated body the BGA does however operate independently of the normal responsibility and functioning of the AISSA.

All non-government, non-Catholic schools in South Australia are able to participate in the BGA, by entering into a Participation Agreement with the BGA.

The "Capital Grants Programme Operating manual" is available below for downloading.

Funds for non-government schools may be allocated in accordance with the Guidelines to:
  • investigation of the need for schools, buildings parts of buildings, other facilities or equipment
  • the purchase of land, with buildings or parts of buildings, or in special circumstances, without buildings;
  • the planning, erection, alteration extension, demolition (including asbestos removal) or refurbishment of a building, part of a building or other facility including student residential accommodation, and attached supervisors’ quarters;
  • the development or preparation of land for building or other purposes;
  • the installation or upgrading of water, electricity or any other services;
  • the provision of furniture or equipment, including information technology equipment, which should be part of a broader capital project unless special circumstances exist;
  • the provision of library materials and the goods for cataloging a library; or
  • payment to a Block Grant Authority for its administrative expenses.
Funds are not available for facilities:
  • which have religious worship as a principal purpose;
    in a co-educational school where the facilities will not, as far as practicable, be equally available to male and female students at the school;
  • which provide staff housing for non-government schools other than supervisors' quarters attached to student boarding facilities; or
  • where retrospective approval is sought.
The following grant programs are available for schools to access:
Capital Grants Program (CAP)
Trade Training Centre Grants (TTC)
For further information about joining the BGA, schools should contact the BGA’s Executive Officer, Mr John Wilson  on 08 8179 1406 or Email click here
For a copy of the Australian Government - Capital Grants Programme (CGP) for Non-Government Schools CGP Operating Manual 2014 please click here to be diverted to the Department of Education Website.


Please find a copy of the Powerpoint presentation from the 2016 Seminar held Monday 24 October 2016 below.

 BGA Seminar 2016

Asset Management

  • Is part of the ongoing planning processes in schools.
  • An asset management plan is a requirement for schools intending to apply for Block Grant Authority Funding.
  • An asset management plan is a tool to help Principals manage their assets to meet the educational needs of schools.
  • It identifies:
    • Capacity – the assessment of space relevant to enrolment and curriculum;
    • Condition – the condition and performance of assets; and
    • Suitability – in relation to the curriculum, to teaching and learning activities and to legislation requirements.
  • Asset management plans may involve:
    • Minimum preventative maintenance to comply with legislation and to keep machinery and buildings in appropriate working condition. This includes any mandatory maintenance (such as emergency alarms, evaporative air conditioners etc)
    • Breakdown maintenance
    • Planned maintenance, which involves the replacement, restoration or improvements to buildings and equipment.

More information is available by contacting the Executive Officer on 8179 1406

 Asset Management May 2003.doc
 Asset Management Plan TEMPLATE

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